Labor Response to Federal and State

Regulatory and Legislative Action on Air Quality Rules


- UJAE Comments (October 9, 2007)on EPA's proposal to revise the primary 8-hour ozone standard from its current level of 0.08 ppm (effectively 0.084 due to rounding) to a more stringent level within a recommended range of 0.070 to 0.075 ppm, and to
require attainment measurements to three decimals <click here>


-  UJAE Comments on Illinois EPA mercury proposal (August 2006)  <click here> - UJAE supports the US EPA mercury reductions proposal put forth in March 2005 which calls for 70% reductiion. The Illinois proposal, which would create inflexible plant by plant controls would cost hundreds of millions of dollars in electricity generating costs compared to the EPA rule, reduce Illinois' coal generation and endanger jobs at small generating plants.


-  UJAE Comments on Pennsylvania mercury proposal by the Environmental Quality Board (August 2006)  <click here> - All UJAE member unions strongly support U.S. EPA’s CAMR and its emission trading program as the best approach for reducing mercury emissions in Pennsylvania and other states. UJAE comments also address the Pennsylvania legislative proposal called the Veon Amendment and recommend changes to improve it.


UJAE Comments on the EPA proposed Mercury Rule, June 29, 2004 click here


Labor Response to Clear Skies and other multi-emission proposals

-  UJAE Letter to Senate Environment Committee in support of S. 131 which would

   set requirements for SOx, NOx, and mercury for power plant emissions.

   February 9, 2005  click here



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