UJAE Newsletters


UJAE Newsletter for June 2004  click here *Posted May 29, 2004

    Update on the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)

    Connecticut Climate Bill

    UJAE Comments on EPA's Proposed Interstate Air Quality Rule

    The Day After Tomorrow


UJAE Newsletter for December 2003  click here

    Kyoto Update: Looking for Plan B - Guest Article


UJAE Newsletter for April-May 2003  click here

    Teamsters on "Clear Skies"

    Mine Workers support Administration's Clear Skies legislation

    IBEW press release on multi-pollutant legislation

    Can environmental regulations have negative health impacts?


UJAE Newsletter for Oct-Nov 2002 click here  

    Report on New Delhi Climate Change Negotiations - Guest Article


UJAE Newsletter for Aug-Sep 2002 click here  

    President's Clear Skies Bill

    California Climate Bill

    Letter from State Attorneys General to Bush on climate change

    Coal as America's cheapest and most abundant fuel

    Labor principles for State multi-emissions bills


UJAE Newsletter for July 2002 click here  

    Report on UN climate change negotiations in Bonn


UJAE Newsletter for April-June 2002 click here  

    State action to limit carbon dioxide threatens jobs

    California legislature targets CO2 from cars

    Modification of New Source Review (NSR)

    Environmental activists may delay action on SO2, NOx, and mercury


UJAE Newsletter for February-March  2002 click here

    Clear Skies Initiative (Bush Admin. proposal for power plant emissions. 

    President's Global Climate Change Initiative

    Labor reaction to President's proposals

    Expansion of the UJAE website


UJAE Newsletter for October-November 2001 click here

    UN climate negotiations in Marrakech 

    The 1.8% Solution?, Marrakech Fails to Meet the Tests of Senate Res. No. 98

         -Guest article by Eugene Trisko


UJAE Newsletter for August-September 2001 click here  

    UN negotiations in Bonn - treaty goes forward

    US Wipes Climate Slate Clean -  Guest Article


UJAE Newsletter for June-July 2001 click here  

    UN negotiations in Bonn - What comes after Kyoto failure?

    Scientists too political?

    Coal is getting cleaner

    More jobs created by meeting Kyoto targets?


UJAE Newsletter for April-May 2001 click here

    The cost of Kyoto to Steelworkers

    Affordable energy is a major public concern

    State CO2 regulation as part of a "multi-emission" approach

    CO2 regulation as part of a "multi-emission" approach by Congress

    EIA study of strategies for reducing multiple emissions from power

        plants - sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and carbon dioxide 


UJAE Newsletter for  Feb-March 2001 click here  

   Teamster resolution on the Kyoto Protocol

   Cecil Roberts testimony on energy and environment

   AFL-CIO Executive Council Meeting in Los Angeles

   The Next Agenda (blueprint for a progressive movement)

   Summary of the Wages-Pope dialogue in The Next Agenda


UJAE Newsletter for  January 2001 click here  

   What to expect from Bush on climate policy

   Layoffs in the West due to high electricity prices

   Who is to blame for the failure at The Hague?


UJAE Newsletter for November - December  2000 click here  

   UN climate negotiations break down at the Hague

   Labor representatives at the Hague

   ICFTU panel discussion at the Hague

   Program sponsored by SEIU and PACE at the Hague


UJAE Newsletter for August-October 2000 click here  

   UN climate negotiations in November

   Labor articles on the Kyoto Protocol

   No let-up in energy price hikes

   Energy policy and the Democratic Platform

   Climate treaty and the Democratic Platform

   Water at the North Pole - story retracted by the New York Times


UJAE Newsletter for June-July 2000 click here

   Kyoto treaty impact on African-Americans and Hispanics

   National Assessment Report on Climate Change

   Speaking Out Against Senseless Energy and Environmental Policies (TTD)


UJAE Newsletter for April-May 2000 click here

   How much time do we have to act on global warming?

   Airlines and the Kyoto Protocol

   Auto industry and Kyoto

   Third world use of coal to skyrocket

   Newly created Energy and Environment Committee of the AFL-CIO

   New UJAE members


UJAE Newsletter for March 2000 click here

   Sharp rise in gasoline Prices is a caution

   Climate policy and the trucking industry

   Railroads and Kyoto

   Diseases and global warming


UJAE Newsletter for February 2000 click here

   National Academy of Science study gets wrong spin in the news

   Global warming is number one challenge

   Backdoor to Kyoto (effect of regulating C02 as a pollutant)

   Precautionary principle and Kyoto


UJAE Newsletter for January 2000 click here

   Precautionary principle and jobs

   Can you do enough to save your job?

   Forest sinks and the Kyoto Protocol

   Natural gas is not a silver bullet


UJAE Newsletter for December 1999 click here

   UJAE growth

   UN climate negotiations in November

   Push to complete the Kyoto Protocol

   Labor meeting with Bradley in Iowa

   Meeting with Pulp and Paper Resource Council (PPRC)


First UJAE Newsletter for November 1999 click here

   Los Angeles AFL-CIO convention

   An $8 million ad campaign on global warming

   Union resolutions on climate change citing extreme weather events


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