Policy of UJAE Members


UJAE ad in Oct 27th (2003) Roll Call and National Journal on S.139 (McCain-Lieberman)

  click here


UJAE letter of Sept 9, 2003 to the U.S. Senate opposing S.139 click here

Teamsters' resolution on the Kyoto Protocol (January 2001) click here  

Link to Testimony by Cecil Roberts, President of the Mine Workers click here

 Testimony by Ande Abbott, Legislative Director of the Boilermakers click here

International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers'

  Unions (ICEM) Executive Committee Resolution on Climate Change

  June 10, 1997 click here (Boilermakers, Mine Workers, UFCW, and

  Utility Workers are affiliated with the ICEM)

Statement to UN Delegates in Kyoto, Japan by Ken Zinn, North American Coordinator of ICEM click here

Link to Transportation Trades Department (TTD) convention resolution passed

  July 21, 2000 "Speaking Out Against Senseless Energy and Environmental

  Policies" (Most UJAE unions are affiliated with the TTD click here

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