Links to UJAE member



Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers


International Brotherhood of Boilermakers,

Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers


International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers


International Brotherhood of Teamsters


Marine Engineers Beneficial Association


Transportation Communications

International Union


United Food and Commercial Workers Union


United Mine Workers


United Transportation Union


Utility Workers Union



Link to the AFL-CIO Website



   Sites with information

     About climate policy


    Environmental groups


Global Commons Institute - Contraction and Convergence Model shows the

difficult path for the world and US to achieve GHG stabilization at 450 ppm.


Natural Resources Defense Council

Supports the Kyoto Protocol.


Sierra Club - Supports the Protocol,

but says it "will not by itself appreciably reduce the rate of climate change."



    Other important sites on climate


Center for Energy and Economic Development -

Includes economic impact of the Kyoto Protocol on the economy, agriculture and senior citizens.


Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide

and Global Change - Covers all the

science issues. Abstracts of science articles.


World Climate Report - Site run by Virginia's State Climatologist. Broad coverage of current science issues.


Environment and Energy Study

Institute - Democratic Candidates'

Views on Energy Issues


Americans for Balanced Energy Choices


Apollo Energy Alliance - a number of unions are involved in this effort to craft a comprehensive energy policy.

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