Overview of Global Warming and Job Impact Studies


Slide Presentations:

Slide presentation Sequestration and Technology (March 2004) Getting on a 550

  parts per million stabilization path without mandatory emission controls.

  click here 


Slide presentation (updated Feb 2003) developed by UJAE unions giving a labor

  perspective on climate policy and the Kyoto Protocol (about 2 min to

  download at 56k)  click here


Slide Presentation, Economic Cost of Global Warming click here


Job Impact of the Kyoto Protocol

Summary of DRI study of the economic impact of the Kyoto Protocol

  Includes state-by-state employment impact click here


Summary of Argonne National Laboratory Study: The Impact of Potential

  Climate Change Commitments On   Energy Intensive Industries (Aluminum,

  Steel, Cement, Chemicals, Refining, and Paper) click here


Summary of Energy Information Agency (EIA) study: Analysis of the Impacts

  of an Early Start For Compliance With the Kyoto Protocol (July 1999) click here


Summary of Energy Information Agency (EIA) study: Impacts of the

  Kyoto Protocol *Three year phase down in emissions  (October 1998) click here


Summary of study by Consad Research Corporation of job loss caused by

  Implementation of the Kyoto Protocol (includes state-by-state job loss)

  click here


Potential Economic Impacts of  the Kyoto Climate Change Protocol

  On Blacks and Hispanics in the U.S. Executive Summary (5 pages) click here

  Full Study (177 pages) Available on Request


Summary of June 2000 Study of the Fiscal Impact of the Kyoto Protocol

  On Local Governments in the United States

  by Stephen S. Fuller, Professor of Public Policy, George Mason University

  click here

Economic Policy Institute Analysis of Climate Change click here

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