AFL-CIO Statements on Climate Policy


AFL-CIO resolution on UN Climate Change Negotiations, February 1997 click here

AFL-CIO resolution the Kyoto Protocol, January 1998 click here

AFL-CIO resolution on U.S. Energy Policy, February 1999 click here

Martime Trades Department resolution on Climate Policy, October 1999 click here

(see article in the November UJAE Newsletter)

AFL-CIO statement on damage from high fuel prices to the U.S. economy

and working families, February 2000 click here

Testimony by Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer, June 1997 click here

Statement by Richard Trumka at Kyoto Negotiations, December 9, 1997 click here



Note: UJAE supports the AFL-CIO Executive Council Statements on Climate Policy

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