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Welcome to the website of the Unions for Jobs and the Environment. UJAE was formed to provide a voice for union and worker concerns regarding the climate policy debate and other environmental matters. Recently, UJAE has expanded this website to include a discussion of air quality and energy issues to reflect the policy discussions by UJAE unions, but our focus remains on global warming.


This website is part of our effort to provide a forum for discussion, education and distribution of information on ways to provide a healthier environment balanced with the need to ensure growth in jobs and incomes. 


UJAE's introductory slideshow presentation on global warming reflects information in the 2001 IPCC report on the science of global warming as well as earlier reports. You can find this slideshow on the global warming policy&Jobs page.


UJAE offers two additional presentations on air quality. The first is a graphical presentation of the trends in air quality indicators showing the progress made in cleaning up the air over the past three decades, and the second is a presentation on three proposals for continued progress over the current decade. One of these proposals is by the United Mine Workers on power plant emissions..


We are always happy to receive your comments about the material we present.


-Bill Cunningham, UJAE President click here for Bill Cunningham's bio


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